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Ready to Learn –

Whole School approach to Behaviour Management and Wellbeing

Our vision is ‘Every Child’s Success is Everyone’s Responsibility’ – Creating passionate and inspired learners to Year 12 and beyond. At Parap Primary School every student has the opportunity to experience success within a warm and welcoming classroom and school environment that values diversity, inclusion and participation. Every staff member ensures that students are provided with the support appropriate to their individual academic, social, emotional, physical and sensory needs with the aim for all students to be ‘Ready to Learn’. Please see our policy on behaviour management and wellbeing.



At Parap Primary School we value homework as an opportunity to consolidate learning. It is intended that the homework we give to our students will be relevant, both to the curriculum and to individual student needs. Please read our policy on Homework.

Homework Policy

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School Nutrition

In order to improve access to healthy food and drink choices in Northern Territory schools, the Department of Education requires all schools to use the food categories in the Australian Government’s Healthy School Canteen Guidelines when providing any food or drinks to students. At Parap Primary School we have tailored our canteen menu to reflect this policy. Please read our policy on School Nutrition.

School Nutrition

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Allergy Awareness Policy

Parap Primary School has many staff and students with food allergies.  In an attempt to ensure the safety of our whole school community we promote allergy awareness.  Please read our Allergy Awareness Policy and speak with your child’s class teacher or the front office if you have any questions.

Allergy Awareness Policy

SunSmart Policy

Parap Primary School is committed to the health and safety of all students.  Our SunSmart Policy has been written in conjunction with the Department of Education’s policy and has been approved by the Cancer Council, approving Parap Primary School as a certified SunSmart School.  Please read our SunSmart Policy.

Uniform Policy

At Parap Primary School we care about our students, their safety and their image within the community. As a SunSmart School we promote sun protection through our carefully selected uniform items which compliment active school participation and the tropical climate that we live in.

Click here to view the Uniform Policy