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School Council

The school council is a body corporate with an approved constitution, whose members are made up of the school community. Under the Education Act and the Education (College and School Councils) Regulations, the school council is responsible for:


• Advising the principal about the educational needs of the community

• Building links between parents, community groups and the school

• Assessing and advising on the physical needs of the school

• Determining community use of school facilities

• Managing the school’s annual financial budget

• Overseeing work on buildings and grounds being carried out at the school

• Employing school council staff


School councils represent the aspirations of parents in their community. They work closely with the school to improve school performance through the Accountability and Performance Improvement Framework (APIF).

School councils play an important role in helping their school community build effective partnerships to enhance student learning through the Australian Government Family-School Partnerships Framework.

Most council members are parents of children attending the school. Other members include the principal, teachers, invited community members and sometimes students.