Every Student’s Success is Everyone’s Responsibility.

At Parap Primary School our staff are committed to supporting all students to reach their full potential. As a professional team we work together to ensure that this is achieved in a safe, nurturing and understanding environment.

Acting PrincipalMrs Kim Morgan
Assistant PrincipalsMrs Ruth Hillier
Mrs Cimarra Stephensen
Lead Teachers

Ms Lisa Chappell

Miss Rebecca McGill

Mrs Sue Bishop

Mrs Amy Norman

Administration ManagerMrs Debby Gribben
Administration OfficersMs Fiona Lynch
Mrs Jo Politis-Bailey
PreschoolMs Sarah Hinton
Ms Annette Harris
TransitionMiss Rebecca McGill
Ms Melanie Sutton
Miss Dannielle Spinella
Year OneMrs Kim Rowe
Mrs Molly Sinclair
Mrs Nerida Cooper
Year TwoMs Lisa Chappell
Mrs Emma Liveris
Ms Niki Giallouris
Year ThreeMrs Susan Bishop
Mr Robert Anita
Mrs Desley Lawrence
Year FourMs Kath Pfitzner
Ms Pearl Gartside
Year Five

Mrs Sara Bowman
Mrs Jodie Houghton
Miss Cindy Brennan

Miss Lisa-Maree Toner

Ms Breanna Hawken

Teacher LibrarianMrs Amy Norman
Physical EducationMs Stephanie Cockfield
Performing ArtsMrs Roula Thomas
Special Education TeacherMrs Lisa Bound
Mathematics Support TeacherMrs Gayle Cann
English Support Assistants

Ms Chen Heyward

Ms Anna Penna

Preschool Assistants

Ms Christine Dukes

Mrs Vicky Fava

Classroom SupportMs Rachel James
Special Education Support Assistants (SESAs)

Mrs Sonia Wright

Mrs Marilei McDonald
Mrs Amanda Abbott
Miss Lucy Marturia

Mrs Sharon Bridgeman

Ms Ella Zio

Ms Rena Tabangay

Mr Dan O’Dwyer
Miss Natasha Atkinson

School CounsellorMs Deb McWilliam
MaintenanceMr Paul White
Canteen ManagerMs Joelle Woodrow