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Canteen Menu

At Parap Primary School we support healthy eating and nutrition by ensuring all foods and drinks provided at school are consistent with the School Nutrition and Healthy Eating guidelines. We actively role model and promote healthy eating and good nutrition by providing GREEN – ALWAYS ON THE MENU choices in our canteen every day, and encourage families to provide healthy food and drinks in their children’s lunchboxes wherever possible. Staff are encouraged to play an active role in promoting healthy eating and nutrition by role modeling healthy choices.

Lunch orders can be placed online at https://quickcliq.com.au/

Teachers and educators are responsible for ensuring:

  • Food and Nutrition is taught to students from Transition to Year 10, and general nutritional advice and guidance is provided to all students
  • education related activities involving food comply with the policy, including camps, excursions or sporting events
  • food or drinks are not used as a reward in the classroom or school setting (regardless of category).

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School Nutrition and Healthy Eating guidelines

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