It is NT Government policy that the wearing of school uniforms is compulsory. Parap Primary School has the responsibility of ensuring that appropriate dress standards are set and maintained in the school. Our school policy is, therefore, as follows:

1. General Policy:

The wearing of school uniforms as described in this policy statement is an integral part of participation in the life of the school. All students are required to wear a uniform at all times except on designated non-uniform days and during some designated school activities. Our policy takes into consideration health, safety and sun protection factors.

2. Setting and Maintaining Standards:

It is the school’s clear intention to set a dress standard for the school and to offer positive encouragement for students to maintain such a standard. Pride in self, family, and school; self-discipline; the projection of a high standard of public image of our school; and removing financial and social pressures on families to provide fashionable clothing for students are worthwhile objectives. The support of the school community in setting and maintaining high dress standards by the students is both vital and expected. Parents/caregivers will be contacted by the school where there is ongoing non-compliance with the policy.

3. Uniform Styles:

Uniform designs have considered climate conditions, sun protection, and student comfort factors. A varied range of uniforms are available from the school. The wearing of House shirts is welcomed except for occasions such as school excursions and school photographs. The school will conduct reviews from time to time to ensure that quality and styles of the uniform remain relevant and are meeting the needs of students and their families.

4. Footwear:

School style shoes or joggers must be worn. Bare feet, thongs, Crocs, sandals, ballet flats and Masseur-style sandals are prohibited.

5. Hats:

The wearing of a school hat is compulsory and a range of school hats are available from the school. The wearing of hats with a broad brim is strongly encouraged as a sun protection measure.

6. Windcheaters/jackets/light sweaters:

These are strongly recommended for the air-conditioned classrooms and in dry season months. Parap Primary School has a school jacket as one of the uniform items available.

7. Non-Uniform Days:

These will occur occasionally, aligned with special school activities. On such days, clothing, especially t-shirts, carrying offensive motifs or messages, are prohibited and the footwear and sun smart standards still apply.

8. Cultural Considerations:

School uniform concerns in respect of cultural situations should be discussed with the Principal.

9. Jewellery:

A minimum of jewellery only should be worn. Some jewellery (e.g. large earrings) may not be suitable or safe for some school activities. The school does not accept any responsibility for the loss of jewellery worn to school by students. Acceptable jewellery items include sleeper or stud earrings and watches.

10. Family Support:

Parents/Caregivers may choose to utilise the NT Government’s Back to School Voucher scheme to obtain uniforms. The School Council stands by the school motto of Working Together and co-ordinates a second-hand uniform pool which is contained in the school office. As a school, we also understand that sometimes families find themselves in difficult situations and obtaining uniforms may pose a financial burden. Please contact the school Principal if you find yourself in need of assistance. All matters will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

More details may be found on this website in our Handbook, in the Parent Portal.