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Social and Emotional Learning

At Parap Primary School we live our school values and take social and emotional learning seriously. We have a dedicated School Counsellor who offers support for student wellbeing and can offer our school community guidance on how to access support.

Our school values are – Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Doing our Best, Respect, Care and Compassion and Collaborative Learning.

Zero Tolerance to Bullying

At Parap Primary School we take a zero tolerance to bullying approach, and adhere to the Vision Statement of the National Safe Schools Framework:

All Australian schools are safe, supportive and respectful teaching and learning communities that promote student wellbeing.

Parap Primary School’s Values, Wellbeing Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy all reflect the Guiding Principles of the National Safe Schools Framework. These guiding principles emphasise the importance of student safety and wellbeing for effective learning in all school settings.