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Work from home learning packs

Parap Primary School has already begun organising a range of materials for our students in the event that our school’s teaching and learning programs need to be done differently at the beginning of Term 2.

Our Early Years students in Preschool to Year 2 did not receive pencil cases in their book packs as their equipment is usually put on tables for children to share. We have ordered pencil cases for all of these students and expect them to arrive by Tuesday.

All students at our school will be given a pencil case containing a range of materials including; pencils, a sharpener, scissors, glue, rulers etc. Teachers will also be organising a range of exercise books to be sent home. We are doing this to ensure that all children will have the basic supplies needed in order to undertake a range of educational activities that do not have to be completed online. This should also help children to have their own dedicated area for when they are learning at home.

The NT Department of Education is also in the process of sending schools hard copy educational resource packs which we will send home when they arrive.

We will also be extending the number of books that can be borrowed from the library for students to ensure the continuation of the love of reading in the form of a paper based book.

We envisage that this will be all ready to go in the next couple of days and will let you know when this will all be sent home. For those parents who have elected to keep their child/ren at home already we will have these supplies ready to pick up from the office and will notify parents as to the times these will be available.

We hope that these measures may assist all families and limit some of the stress that is occurring at the moment for all of us.

Yours sincerely

Yvonne Harding


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